Phosphate and silicate remover for freshwater and saltwater aquaria.
from 21,95 € *
Increases the carbonate hardness of aquariumwater (Freshwater)
15,18 € *
Superfine micro porous fibre cloths, for smear free cleaning of the outside glass of the aquarium, lint-free.
7,58 € *
Steel Wire Suspension for Aqua Medic lamps.
from 24,95 € *
Bali Sand is a very pure limestone that consists of about 98% of calcium carbonate, as well as some zeolite-like minerals. Because of its texture and its very white appearance, it is ideal for saltwater aquaria.
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Bubble counter for use with CO2-systems for the supply of water plants.
9,08 € *
High-quality material allows longer operation life and a reliable operation. Bubble counter with combined check valve. The backflow is effectively prevented by the check valve. Suitable for hose connection 4/6 mm.
17,78 € *
Zum Kalibrieren von Elektroden.
from 7,38 € *
Activated carbon pellets for salt and fresh water aquaria. Aqua Medic carbolit is a highly efficient activated carbon manufactured in pellet form. carbolit quickly cleans up aquarium water, removing colouring substances, turbidity and medication residues.
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4/6mm hose, 5 meter.
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