Material structured to function as a pre-filter, retaining the existing waste water. Recommended replacement every 2 weeks.
from 2,94 € *
Natural product with a highly porous surface, providing optimal conditions to obtain a high colonization of bacteria, essential to the balance of your aquarium and well-being of fish and plants. Recommended replacement every 4-6 months.
from 3,25 € *
Aquatlantis Easy LED Control 2 Plus for controlling from Aquatlantis Easy LED light bars. It has two separately controllable channels, each channel has two different programs can be set, so up to four light units can be controlled.
78,46 € 52,93 € *
Aquatlantis Easy LED Control 1 is a dimmable switch for all Aquatlantis lightbar and Aquatlantis Nano LED lights. With sunrise and sunset effect.
70,66 € 47,11 € *
Highly effective as a pre-filter, retaining the smaller polluting particles of the water of your aquarium. Weekly recommended replacement.
from 2,45 € *
Splitter cable is needed to connect the light units to the controller.
7,79 € 5,93 € *
The Aquatlantis EasyBox eliminates micro algae and medicine residues that make the water turbid and coloured, providing clear water without changing the pH. Recommended replacement monthly.
from 4,08 € *
Material specially structured to promote an intense biological decomposition of pollutants which are harmful to your tank, ensuring water purification. Recommended replacement every 3-5 months.
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