Red Seas Skeletal Elements is a uniquely formulated powder supplement containing all of the elements of Foundation A, B & C, + Red Seas Coral Colors A & B (potassium, boron, iodine & bromine) formulated in the exact ratio as found in the coral skeleton.
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IRON+ Supplement is part of the complete range of complementary major, minor and trace element complexes which together provide the needs for coral growth.
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The Red Sea´s Calcium Pro Reef Test Kit is an advanced calcium titration test, measuring the level of calcium in your reef aquarium to an exceptionally high accuracy of 5 ppm.
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Die neuen Rezepturen von Red Sea Salz und Coral Pro Salz sind das Ergebnis jahrelanger Untersuchungen der physiologischen Ansprüche von Korallen in der Umgebung eines Riffaquariums.
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