KH Coralline Gro Supplement Marine buffer supplement with trace elements that promote the development of Coralline Algae.
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Red Seas CALCIUM+ contains blended salts of calcium and strontium in the ratio required by corals and is part of Red Seas complete Reef Care Program.
from 12,58 € *
Red Seas Skeletal Elements is a uniquely formulated powder supplement containing all of the elements of Foundation A, B & C, + Red Seas Coral Colors A & B (potassium, boron, iodine & bromine) formulated in the exact ratio as found in the coral skeleton.
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Red Sea Carbohydrate supplement of dissolved and suspended energy sources. Reef Energy A stimulates extension of the polyps and soft tissue, helping the coral to optimize nutrient consumption by expanding its surface area for absorption.
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All of the components of Red Sea Reef Energy B come from marine sources and are emulsified in a unique medium that enhances their solubility and absorption of the vitamins and acids by the corals.
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A mixture of magnesium salts (1ml Reef Foundation C liquid increases the magnesium content in 100 liters of aquarium water by 1 ppm, 1 g Reef Foundation C in powder form increases the magnesium content in 100 liters of aquarium water by 1 ppm)
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Red Seas Foundation™ Supplements Complete Pack contains all of the essential foundation elements required in order for corals to thrive within the reef aquarium.
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Red Seas Phosphate Pro Reef Test Kit is an advanced colorimetric test with comparator, measuring the level of phosphate in your reef aquarium to an exceptionally high accuracy of 0.02ppm PO4.
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Unique advanced titration test, measuring the level of Potassium in your UNLS aquarium, with high accuracy of 3 ppm.
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Unique complex of carbon required by the nutrient reduced bacteria. Contains other organic bound elements that are important stimulators in each phase of the reduction process.
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