With PondSludgeRemover, you can easily free your garden pond from organic sludge and deposits without the need for sludge extractors!
from 13,45 € *
Mit Spezialbakterien gegen Fadenalgen. Sofortwirkung gegen Fadenalgen durch Aktivsauerstoff. Mit Spezialbakterien, die die abgestorbenen Algen zersetzen. Wirkt vorbeugend gegen Parasitenbefall und Kiemennekrosen bei Fischen. Frei von Schwermetallen.
from 12,00 € *
Dreifach wirksam gegen Algen im Teich. Schnell auch bei starkem Algenbefall. Reduziert die Algen-Neubildung. Mit SpektroSorp®. Für klares Teichwasser.
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Bacterial cultures for every pond filter. Fast filter effect guaranteed. Purely biologically effective. For new installations, spring start, filter cleaning or medication use. Very high density of microorganisms.
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Permanent oxygen supply for your garden pond. A tab bubbles 6 weeks ahead and provides vital oxygen for all pond inhabitants. Can also be used under the ice in winter. 10 tabs supply 5000 l pond water for 6 weeks.
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For a long life of the fish. Creates excellent living conditions for pond dwellers. Increases the carbonate hardness in water and prevents pH fluctuations. Improves water quality. Helps against heavy metal pollution. and ammonia poisoning
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The strongest phosphate binder in the world. Söll PhosLock® Algae Stop offers an optimal algae control and protects against algae pests.
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Die schnelle Hilfe bei Algenblüten. Schnelle Soforthilfe gegen massives Algenwachstum. Reduziert die Algen-Neubildung. Mit SpektroSorp®. Für klares Teichwasser.
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Söll BioBooster contains very special types of bacteria which work extremely efficiently and quickly to restore the natural balance in your pond.
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Immediate help for acute oxygen deficiency. Regulates the oxygen content in the pond. Makes water crystal clear. Removes bad smells.
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