Pond plants substrate forms the basis for healthy, strong aquatic plants and is perfectly suitable for the establishment of planting zones.
from 14,11 € *
Söll POND-GOLD Colour-Sticks provide a well-balanced mix of carefully selected ingredients. The red sticks noticeably intensify the colouring of pond fish.
from 7,53 € *
Söll KoiGold Mix consists of small-size pellets (2 mm) as well as larger size pellets (5 mm), which makes it suitable for a balanced diet for all Koi regardless of size.
from 8,60 € *
Indikatoren für den Söll AQUA-CHECK. Zur Messung des Nitrit Gehalts in Süßwasser, Meerwasser, Gartenteich. Nur zusammen mit dem Söll AQUA-CHECK Gerät verwendbar.
32,38 € *
With PondSludgeRemover, you can easily free your garden pond from organic sludge and deposits without the need for sludge extractors!
from 47,39 € *
Immediate help for acute oxygen deficiency. Regulates the oxygen content in the pond. Makes water crystal clear. Removes bad smells.
from 12,40 € *
The means for rapid pH reduction. Rapid decrease in pH. Immediate help for ammonia poisoning and CO2 deficiency. Improves the effectiveness of AlgoSol® at extremely high pH values.
from 39,60 € *
Die schnelle Hilfe bei Algenblüten. Schnelle Soforthilfe gegen massives Algenwachstum. Reduziert die Algen-Neubildung. Mit SpektroSorp®. Für klares Teichwasser.
from 51,07 € *
Dreifach wirksam gegen Algen im Teich. Schnell auch bei starkem Algenbefall. Reduziert die Algen-Neubildung. Mit SpektroSorp®. Für klares Teichwasser.
from 9,99 € *
The high-performance zeolite for protection against algae. Söll ZeoSpeed® ensures fast phosphate binding and accelerates nitrogen degradation. So you get crystal clear water in your garden pond.
from 13,67 € *