Ornamental fish staple food for a long and healthy fish life. With new formula for guaranteed clearer water
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Prepares tap water immediately to near-natural, fish-friendly aquarium water. Combination of vitamins, natural biopolymers and trace elements ensures healthy...
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High-quality fast-sinking complete feed in tablet form especially for ornamental fish living near the ground, e.g. for catfish, loaches and basking barbels.
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Fine-pored Air Stones for optimum oxygen supply in all aquariums.
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Multi-Crisps with high content of caratinoids to enhance the natural color. Regularly fed, the color-enhancing effect is already noticeable after two weeks....
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Specially adapted to the needs of discus fish main feed granules. Slowly sinking for species-appropriate feed intake.
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For easy and thorough cleaning of the aquarium inner panes.
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Enriched with the best fish oil it provides extra-protion energy, it also contains essential omega-3 fatty acids and fat-soluble vitamins like A and D. For...
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Grünfutter-Tabletten mit einem hohen Anteil an Spirulina Algen. Hauptfutter zur abwechslungsreichen Ernährung aller bodenfressenden Fische.
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Monatlicher Universaldünger, dessen Nährstoffe von den Wasserpflanzen über die Blätter aufgenommen werden. Läßt die Pflanze üppig und sattgrün...
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