Repti Bark besteht aus Douglasienrinde. Diese sieht nicht nur attraktiv aus, sondern ist auch ein guter Feuchtigkeitsspeicher.
21,98 € *
#1 Preferred snake bedding by professional herpetoculturists worldwide!
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The Zoo Med Porcelain Clamp Lamp (max 150W) 22 cm is a robust and versatile solution for safe lighting and heating in terrariums. Ideal for various types of bulbs.
21,07 € *
The Zoo Med Repti Deep Dome Lamp Fixture (max 160W) is ideal for efficient terrarium lighting. This lamp fixture offers optimal light and heat reflection and is suitable for various types of bulbs.
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The AvianSun™ 5.0 UVB compact fluorescent provides birds with safe levels of beneficial UVB and UVA for physical and psychological health.
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Now with a NEW adjustable gooseneck, the AvianSun™ Deluxe Floor Lamp from Zoo Med allows bird keepers to provide their birds with true full spectrum light, including UVB and UVA, just like they get in their natural environment!
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