Entält 2 St. 3 ml Laborpipetten zum präzisen Dosieren von Spurenelementen, Dünger, etc. Auch zum direkten Füttern von Korallen geeignet.
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Easy-Life ProFito is an all-in-one, universal plant food which is suitable for all water plants in aquaria. The composition of ProFito ensures strong, healthy and lush plant growth.
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EasyCarbo Bio is a liquid carbon source for aquarium plants on a natural basis.
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EasyCarbo is an extremely powerful and effective carbon source for aquarium plants. It also actively combats and prevents the growth of algae.
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Wurzel-Düngertabletten für die gesunde intensive Wurzeldüngung von Wasserpflanzen. Die Nährstoffe werden von den Pflanzenwurzeln aufgenommen.
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Easy Life Ferro, a Extra iron when needed. It contains easily absorbable iron for water plants. Iron is essential for the good development of plant leaves. Iron ensures that the leaves are green thanks to the creation of chlorophyll.
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sera florena is the ideal care product for aquatic plants that take up nutrients mainly through the leaves. provides aquatic plants with all important minerals and trace elements for healthy and colorful growth so they can fulfill this important task.
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Easy-Life Potassium is an essential macronutrient and and is at least as important as iron!
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Nutrition Capsules is an extra nutrient supplement – use tweezers to place the capsule in the gravel, close to the roots of fast-growing plants.
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