Red Seas CALCIUM+ contains blended salts of calcium and strontium in the ratio required by corals and is part of Red Seas complete Reef Care Program.
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Red Sea Carbohydrate supplement of dissolved and suspended energy sources. Reef Energy A stimulates extension of the polyps and soft tissue, helping the coral to optimize nutrient consumption by expanding its surface area for absorption.
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All of the components of Red Sea Reef Energy B come from marine sources and are emulsified in a unique medium that enhances their solubility and absorption of the vitamins and acids by the corals.
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Biologisch ideale flüssige Magnesiumzufuhr für Korallenriff-Aquarien
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Reef Life Strontium enthält Strontiumionen in einer für alle Wirbellosen leicht aufnehmbaren Form. Es ist unerlässlich für den Skelettaufbau von Steinkorallen, Riffmuscheln und Kalkalgen.
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It is really important that corals receive a balanced ratio of calcium and all vital trace elements. Tri Complex was developed according to the latest research and helps offer optimal conditions for healthy and steady coral growth.
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Magnesium is essential for the growth of healthy, attractive corals.
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MaxiCoral B contains, amongst other things, a fluorine/iodine mix, bromine, potassium and boron.
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Strontium is an important element for the growth of corals. The optimum strontium concentration in a marine aquarium is 8 - 12 mg per litre (ppm). Easy-Life Strontium is a concentrated product which is ideal to use to compensate for a deficiency.
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For regular supply of salt water aquaria with normal magnesium need. For aquaria with heavy magnesium consumption, we recommend REEF LIFE Magnesium compact.
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