Olive colored Bucephalandra. Suitable as epiphytes with elongated, wavy leaves.
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Popular aquarium plant from Thailand. Very large Cryptocoryne with leaves up to 70 cm long. The corrugation of the leaves develops especially under a lot of light, otherwise Cryptocoryne balansae, knobbed water goblet, is quite undemanding.
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Piptospatha Ridleyi is a fantastic plant from the Bucephalandra family. It comes from Borneo and was discovered in the same habitat as the famous Bucephalandra plant. It grows very slowly and requires little maintenance,
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Very nice epiphyte for nano aquariums from Borneo. It is attached to roots or rocks with nylon cord or plant glue.
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Very nice variant of the lattice structure plants, contrary to the regular lattice structure of their relatives is this plant irregular which looks very interesting here. Sophisticated plant for the background.
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Popular aquarium plant with star-shaped leaves. It requires a lot of light and nutrient-rich water and nutrient-rich ground. The leaf blades are up to 9cm long, but only 0.6cm wide.
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This variety comes from Mauritius and is an endemic species found only on the island. It grows very well but, like the Lilaeopsis brasiliensis, very slowly. cies found only on the island.
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Very decorative stem plant with slender-elliptically shaped leaves. With their delicate green leaf tops and the purple leaf undersides she is an absolute eye-catcher in every aquarium.
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The Ludwigia mullertii (Bastardludwigie) is a popular aquarium plant and she is easy to care It develops with adequate lighting and nutrient intake a deep red color and is growing very fast, up to 5 cm per week.
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Small rosette plant which forms a carpet runner under good lighting conditions and with nutritious soil.
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