One of the most popular aquarium plants. The moss ball removes pollutants such as nitrite and nitrate from the water and supplies oxygen. Very well suited for shrimp tanks.
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Spread worldwide is the Eleocharis acicularis. A particularly graceful, she loves cold water but at higher temperatures she grows too. It is well suited for nature and nano aquariums.
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Although scientists have been aware of this plant for a long time, aquatics hobbyists only discovered it a few years ago. With highly decorative, rippled leaves it is probably one of the most beautiful foreground plants available.
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The classic among the red aquarium plants was. In the 1960s under the trade name Telanthera lilacina on the market It later emerged that she belongs to the species Alternanthera reineckii.
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The Lilaeopsis Brasiliensis forms a dense turf in the aquarium. However, this is only achieved at high light intensity. The plant is 4-7 cm high. For planting of the grass, the plant should be divided into smaller parts.
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Hygrophila polysperma is a robust and highly adaptable plant originating from India and Bhutan. Hygrophila polysperma is the perfect plant for beginning aquarium keepers.
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Der Javafarn Microsorium pteropus stammt aus Ostasien und ist eine anspruchslose Pflanze, die auf Steinen oder Holz gepflanzt wird. Folgt in der Regel mit einer dünnen Nylonschnur (Angelschnur).
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Who want have a beautiful and decorative solitary plant for an aquarium for this sword plant is just the right. It grows relatively fast and with increasing growth always decorative.
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As aquarium plant for the foreground ideal. With sufficient light supply rapidly form dense, grass-like carpet. With good lighting the long leaves are delicately colored reddish.
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Although this plant can also be held at medium intensity and without CO2, but only when there is sufficient light and CO2 fertilization unfolds this its full beauty. Beautiful ground plant brings out the color in the basin.
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