The sera hose connector allows connecting hoses with different diameters. It is simply placed between a 12 and a 16 mm hose, and is particularly safe due to the lock nuts.
4,40 € *
Connector with branch for 4 mm hoses
from 23,08 € *
The sera non-kink protection allows safe and non-kink guiding of hoses. It is suitable for permanent installation but is also easy to remove and attach in another place.
from 11,90 € *
The Juwel O2 Diffusor OxyPlus increases the oxygen content in your aquarium and thus contributes to the vitality of your fish. The infinitely variable O2 diffuser is suitable for all JUWEL filter systems and is quick and easy to install.
4,71 € *
Die Dennerle Nano FilterExtension ist ein aufsteckbarer Zusatzfilter der die Filterleistung des Dennerle Nano Eckfilters erhöht.
8,98 € 7,88 € *
Das Dennerle Nano BabyProtect ist ein aufsteckbares Schutzgitter für Babygarnelen.
7,98 € 5,89 € *