Torfgranulat kann als Filtersubstrat für Süßwasseraquarien verwendet werden. Jedoch nicht für afrikanische Barschbecken, da das Torfgranulat den pH - Wert und die Härte senkt.
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The strongest phosphate binder in the world. Söll PhosLock® Algae Stop offers an optimal algae control and protects against algae pests.
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Tropic Marin ELIMI-PHOS ist ein hochwirk-sames Granulat zur Entfernung von Phosphat, Gelbstoffen und organischen Schadstoffen im Meer- und Süßwasseraquarium.
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The high-performance zeolite for protection against algae. Söll ZeoSpeed® ensures fast phosphate binding and accelerates nitrogen degradation. So you get crystal clear water in your garden pond.
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Natural tropic black water
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Zeolite from Söll is used in garden and fish ponds as an absorbing filter rock for pond filters, it is used for the rapid binding of pollutants.
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Removing treatment remainders and toxic substances. After disease treatments, for removing treatment remainders. As a preventive measure if you suspect pollutants have gotten into the pond.
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