The color food for pond fish
from 4,10 € *
The variegated blend for various pond fish
from 4,21 € *
Food sticks for feeding all pond fish. High quality components for a healthy diet, optimal digestibility and a strong immune system.
from 4,60 € *
POND-GOLD Food Flakes consist of a carefully balanced combination of vitamins and trace elements, which are beneficial for the development, physical condition and colouring of all pond fish.
from 4,88 € *
Schwimmende Teichsticks für alle größeren Teichfische. Trübt nicht das Wasser. Hergestellt aus hochwerigen Rohstoffen und angereichert mit Nährstoffen und Vitaminen.
from 4,98 € *
sera Koi Nature is the treat for Koi during the warm season (above 15°C/59°F).
10,29 € 7,18 € *
Söll POND-GOLD Colour-Sticks provide a well-balanced mix of carefully selected ingredients. The red sticks noticeably intensify the colouring of pond fish.
from 7,07 € *
The granulated food for larger pond fish
from 7,31 € *
Staple food in the form of floating sticks for all pond fish. Tetra Pond Sticks provides a complete and biologically balanced diet.
from 7,98 € *
The flake food for smaller pond fish
from 8,35 € *