Bacterial cultures for every pond filter. Fast filter effect guaranteed. Purely biologically effective. For new installations, spring start, filter cleaning or medication use. Very high density of microorganisms.
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Söll BioBooster contains very special types of bacteria which work extremely efficiently and quickly to restore the natural balance in your pond.
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Helps nature through natural, microbiological cleaning and maintenance of the water!
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Biologische Teichreinigung und Algenprophylaxe. Unterstützt die Natur durch selbsttätige biologische Wasserreinigung. Ausgesuchte Mischung natürlicher Mikroorganismen. Senkt den Stickstoff- und Phosphatgehalt kurzfristig. Baut Futterreste, usw.
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sera pond filter biostart is the ideal addition to sera pond bio nitrivec. The high performance filter material sera siporax pond creates optimal working conditions for sera pond filter biostart.
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