Why shipping cost?

Even if the trend continues to free shipping in online shopping, we are convinced that with cheap item prices and fair shipping costs you as customer in the end safe money.

Why that?
Now the shipping costs are in any case. The package has to go from A to B.
And if a supplier delivers, for example, from 29 € free shipping. Then the shipping costs must be included in the item price. When you order now articles for 58, €, you pay twice the shipping costs purely arithmetically.

We regularly adjust our prices to those of the competition. Therefore, you can be sure that you buy cheap despite shipping costs. With us the article does not stop then 29,98 € free shipping, but 25 € + 4,98 shipping costs ( in Geermany for example). And as soon as you order more than one item, you save in most cases. And in our hobby in most cases, you need more than just a can of food.