The classic among the red aquarium plants was. In the 1960s under the trade name Telanthera lilacina on the market It later emerged that she belongs to the species Alternanthera reineckii.
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Very decorative stem plant with slender-elliptically shaped leaves. With their delicate green leaf tops and the purple leaf undersides she is an absolute eye-catcher in every aquarium.
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This miniture version of the well-known Alternanthera is characterized by compact growth and a slower growth rate. By careful trimming can you create a dense, red-violet carpet approximately 5 to 10 cm high.
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Although this plant can also be held at medium intensity and without CO2, but only when there is sufficient light and CO2 fertilization unfolds this its full beauty. Beautiful ground plant brings out the color in the basin.
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This plant due to its uncomplicated attitude very popular. It thrives in low light and grows optimally on wood or stone.
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Slow growing but very robust aquarium plant. Excellent for perch aquarium. The plant develops solid, leathery leaves is unassuming and keeps carnivorous fish in a natural way at bay.
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Slow-growing plant is very easy to handling. She needed no nutrients and does not need to be fertilized. She has no special requirements and is therefore very popular for greening of aquariums.
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The dwarf speerblatt is an easy to maintain, undemanding plant. The leaves are very hard; herbivorous fish and snails rarely lay hands on them. The plant is therefore particularly like to recommend for Cichlidenbecken.
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Because of their bitter substances Anubias Nana Mini is not particularly popular with the perch, therefore well suited for Cichlidenaquarien. This aquarium plant is often used in aquascaping and attached to stones, timbers.
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Very nice variant of the lattice structure plants, contrary to the regular lattice structure of their relatives is this plant irregular which looks very interesting here. Sophisticated plant for the background.
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