Echinodorus Ocelot Green is opposite the Echinodorus Red Ocelot a very nice dark green variant. Dark olive spots form a very nice contrast to the bright leaves. She is a very undemanding beginner plant.
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The small round bright green leaves of Micranthemum Montecarlo grow creeping stems and form a dense vegetation in the foreground aquarium. The plant can stand a little in the shade, but requires CO2 for optimal growth.
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Commercially, it is also known as Christmas moss. It takes its name from the overhanging branches that look like those of a Christmas tree. Undemanding and very easy to cultivate, it can be shaped via regular pruning.
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Beautiful South American stem plant, the plant develops many branches and bushy growing. With strong lighting Heteranthera zosterifolia growing rapidly and needs to be trimmed, so that the lower leaves get light.
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The plant from South America forms with their bright green leaves a good contrast to the darker aquarium plants. Makes for good conditions foothills, which spread across the floor.
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Vallisneria gigantea is an unproblematic and fast-growing plant for large aquariums. In good conditions, its long, narrow leaves may assume gigantic proportions.
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Small rosette plant which forms a carpet runner under good lighting conditions and with nutritious soil.
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The Ludwigia mullertii (Bastardludwigie) is a popular aquarium plant and she is easy to care It develops with adequate lighting and nutrient intake a deep red color and is growing very fast, up to 5 cm per week.
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Very decorative stem plant with slender-elliptically shaped leaves. With their delicate green leaf tops and the purple leaf undersides she is an absolute eye-catcher in every aquarium.
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This variety comes from Mauritius and is an endemic species found only on the island. It grows very well but, like the Lilaeopsis brasiliensis, very slowly. cies found only on the island.
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