The Juwel HeliaLux SmartControl is used to control and program the Juwel HeliaLux SmartControl Spectrum lights. Quite simply via WLAN - whether with a cell phone, tablet or PC.
139,00 € 100,58 € *
Aquatlantis Easy LED Control 1 is a dimmable switch for all Aquatlantis lightbar and Aquatlantis Nano LED lights. With sunrise and sunset effect.
72,49 € 53,48 € *
Um Ihre Giesemann Teszla Leuchte an einen G-Tron oder GHL Computer anzuschließen benötigen Sie das Giesemann Teszla Computer Interface, sowie die beiden Kabelsätze.
from 6,43 € *
Dimmer for controlling the sera LED lighting individually • Brightness or light intensity control • Can also be used as a timer • Allows simulating sunrise and sunset • Suitable for all sera LED lamps
51,85 € 40,58 € *
4-channel LED control unit for Dennerle Trocal LED lights. Simulates the natural light conditions in fresh and sea water.
119,00 € 105,28 € *
Aquatlantis Easy LED Control 2 Plus for controlling from Aquatlantis Easy LED light bars. It has two separately controllable channels, each channel has two different programs can be set, so up to four light units can be controlled.
80,49 € 59,38 € *
Mehr als 2 LED-Leuchten anschließen, kein Problem mit dem ActiveL-Splitter. Der Verteiler dient zum Anschluss mehrerer LED-Leuchten (maximal 4) an einen ProfiLux Computer.
46,60 € *