Reliable against the most common types of algae. With an effective combination of active ingredients. Ensures a biological balance. For clear ponds.
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Extra fast against strong algae growth. Ideal for floating algae (green water). Reduces pH fluctuations. For clear ponds.
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sera pond crystal removes annoying floating algae as well as released phosphate. Floating algae and particles responsible for cloudiness are bound by the...
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Quickly combats floating algae (green water) in ponds with targeted results within 24 hours. Use algaecides safely. Always read the label and product...
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Combats blanketweed and floating algae (green water) with long-lasting benefits and prevents algae growth in spring. Use algaecides safely. Always read the...
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Boosts the performance of UV clarifiers and eliminates green water (floating algae), harmful germs, discolouration and odours – for clear and healthy water...
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Die schnelle Hilfe bei Algenblüten. Schnelle Soforthilfe gegen massives Algenwachstum. Reduziert die Algen-Neubildung. Mit SpektroSorp®. Für klares...
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Dreifach wirksam gegen Algen im Teich. Schnell auch bei starkem Algenbefall. Reduziert die Algen-Neubildung. Mit SpektroSorp®. Für klares Teichwasser.
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