Getrocknete Bachflohkrebse für größere Zierfische, Kois und andere Teichfische sowie fleischfressende Eidechsen und Wasserschildkröten. Das Futter schwimmt an der Oberfläche.
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Sera KOI ROYAL® main feed promotes the growth and well-being of all young and growing Koi. Its good digestibility makes it ideal for feeding throughout the year. Perfectly adapted to nutritional requirements.
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Easily digestible food for temperatures below 17°C (63°F). Below 17°C (63°F), the metabolism of the fish is not fully effective any more. The food must therefore be particularly easy to digest. Koi can prepare for winter or start into the year in spring.
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Schwimmfähige Sticks als Alleinfuttermittel für gesunde und ausgewogene Ernährung von Koi und anderen großen Teichfischen.
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Runde Pellets mit 2 mm Durchmesser. Speziell für junge Koi, aber auch für andere Teichfische geeignet. Durch natürliche rote Farbstoffe Carotin werden die roten Farben der Kois hervorgehoben.
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For an extra energy portion at temperatures above 17°C (63°F). Summer is growth time for Koi and other pond fish. Plenty of energy is required for this, which is obtained from high quality food.
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Premium quality complete food for all koi, providing healthy and biologically balanced nutrition. The floating sticks allow near-natural feeding in line with koi´s eating habits.
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Natural color food for long-lived, colorful Koi above 25 cm (10 in.)he color food consisting of carefully processed granules for all Koi.
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Special food for Koi and other valuable pond fish at temperatures below 12°C (54°F). sera KOI Professional Winter Food is a staple food for Koi and other valuable pond fish at low temperatures according to their natural requirements.
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sera Koi sticks energy plus, the floating water stable pellets with valuable wheat germ, are the ideal energy food for Koi and other pond fish at water temperatures above 17°C (63°F).
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