Submersible digital thermometer incl. rubber sucker and battery.
8,78 € *
The Dennerle Nanotherm Mini Thermometer is ideal for mini aquariums.
4,90 € *
Electronic thermometer with 2 remote sensors for temperature measurement at two points in the terrarium. The remote sensors are also suitable for measurements in the water. Large display with additional clock function.
9,96 € *
Ein Design-Thermometer aus Vollglas in Stöckchenform ist das Dennerle Nano Hang-On Thermometer. Mit einem Meßbereich von 0 - 40°C, für Aquarienscheiben mit Ø 8 mm. Ideal für Nano Cubes.
8,60 € *
The thermometer has been specially designed to accurately measure the water temperature inside the tank. It has a digital display - easy to read - integrated into a blue housing. It works for all sizes of tanks and comes with a Varta battery included.
6,28 € *
External aquarium thermometer For fixing on the aquarium glass (outside) or in the cabinet
7,88 € *
Simple adhesive thermometer with liquid crystal display.
3,89 € *
External double-display Thermometer
14,98 € *