JUWEL Poly Pad catches coarse particles of dirt in the water, thereby serving as a mechanical pre-filter.
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Filterwatte fein entfernt grobe und feine Schwebstoffe aus dem Wasserkreislauf. Sie ist vollsysthetisch und gibt keine Stoffe an das Aquarienwasser ab. Filterwatte sollte regelmäßg gewechselt werden.
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High quality non-woven filter for filtering out fine airborne. Without solidified adhesive. Manufacturing dimensions may vary 5%.
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Grobe Filterwatte filtert nur gröbere Schwebeteilchen aus dem Wasser.
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Filter media set for Juwel Bioflow 3.0 or Juwel Compact Filter
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sera filter wool for the mechanical prefiltration consists of stable fibers that retain finer dirt particles for a longer time without sticking or collapsing. sera filter wool can be washed out several times. Suitable for all filters.
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For the prefiltration of coarse dirt particles. sera biofibres for the biomechanical prefiltration effectively collect coarse dirt particles.
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High performance filter medium for mechanical filtration
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