JUWEL charcoal filters absorb odour compounds and turbidity as well as toxic compounds, leaving the water in your aquarium crystal clear.
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This active carbon sponge is absolutely compatible, and of the similar quality as the original filter sponge from Juwel. Only without colorful packaging. Fits to all Juwel filters. Active carbon sponge. 2 pcs per pack.
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Hochqualitative Aktivkohle von Korallenzucht. Diese Aktivkohle wurde speziell für die Riffaquaristik hergestellt.
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The excellent absorption properties of Carbax enduringly and quickly bind discolorations, odours and toxic substances and ensure crystal-clear water.
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Filter media set for Juwel Bioflow 3.0 or Juwel Compact Filter
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Activated carbon pellets for salt and fresh water aquaria. Aqua Medic carbolit is a highly efficient activated carbon manufactured in pellet form. carbolit quickly cleans up aquarium water, removing colouring substances, turbidity and medication residues.
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Tunze Filter Carbon kann im Süß- und im Meerwasseraquarium eingesetzt werden. Die Aktivkohle ist hochaktiv und bietet mit 1000 m2/g eine riesige Kapillarfläche. Mit Tunze Filter Carbon können Sie das Wasser entfärben und entgiften.Die Kohle ist pH-neutral
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The highly active granulated Tetra CF Carbon Filter Medium is designed for use in Tetra EX 400, EX 600, EX 700, EX 1200 and EX 2400, as well as other external filters for aquariums up to 500 litres.
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Hochleistungs Aktivkohle für Süss- und Meerwasser
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