JUWEL charcoal filters absorb odour compounds and turbidity as well as toxic compounds, leaving the water in your aquarium crystal clear.
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This active carbon sponge is absolutely compatible, and of the similar quality as the original filter sponge from Juwel. Only without colorful packaging. Fits to all Juwel filters. Active carbon sponge. 2 pcs per pack.
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The excellent absorption properties of Carbax enduringly and quickly bind discolorations, odours and toxic substances and ensure crystal-clear water.
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Der innovative EasyCrystal FilterPack C ist für den EasyCrystal Filter und für die EasyCrystal FilterBox geeignet. Die Filterkartusche ist mit Aktivkohle beschichtet und sorgt für kristallklares gesundes Aquariumwasser.
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Filter media set for Juwel Bioflow 3.0 or Juwel Compact Filter
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Activated carbon pellets for salt and fresh water aquaria. Aqua Medic carbolit is a highly efficient activated carbon manufactured in pellet form. carbolit quickly cleans up aquarium water, removing colouring substances, turbidity and medication residues.
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Dennerle Nano Active Carbon ist eine superaktive Intensiv-Filterkohle zur Anwendung in Dennerle Nano Filtermodul und Dennerle Nano Filterextension für Nano Süßwasseraquarien.
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A powerful filter material. It very efficiently removes residual medicines, chlorine, even odours and, above all, contaminants that result of organic waste.
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