Easy Life Fluid Filter Medium is the most versatile water treatment product on the market. It can be used to make water crystal clear.
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PRIME™ ist ein Wasseraufbereitungs für Süß- und Meerwasseraquarien. Es entfernt sicher Chlor sowie Chloramin und entgiftet Ammoniak und Nitrit. Eine 100-ml-Flasche behandelt über 4.000 Liter Wasser – wesentlich mehr als Wettbewerbsprodukte.
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Prepares tap water immediately to near-natural, fish-friendly aquarium water. Combination of vitamins, natural biopolymers and trace elements ensures healthy water and healthy fish.
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sera aquatan clears the water, instantly binds harmful heavy metal ions and neutralises dissolved salts as well as aggressive chlorine.
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Stabilises important water values for up to six months, extending the time until the next water change. Contains additional vitamins and minerals to keep fish vibrant and healthy.
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Quickly and reliably eliminates clouding from aquarium water caused by dirt particles. The aquarium water is crystal clear within just a few hours.
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To promote vitality, well-being and natural colors. Tetra Vital supplements vital vitamins, minerals and trace elements from the local biotope of fish.
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Substrate Cleaner is a specially developed mix of bacteria for the biological breakdown of detritus and waste products on the substrate as well as rocks for saltwater and freshwater aquariums.
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Set mit 3 Fläschchen mit je 15 ml. Enthält Tagesdünger, Wasseraufbereiter und Vitalstoffe für Ihr Nano Aquarium.
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Aqua Elixier renders critical substances in tap water harmless and adds active substances.
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