Here you will find all you need to feed ornamental fish and invertebrates. Fish food is always confidence. Therefore, we have a wide range of types of tropical fish food in the program. To feed your fish varied, is best to counteract a shortage of vitamins and nutrients.We not only have mainstream brands like Tetra fish food, JBL fish food, etc in our range. Also special brands like O.S.I. fish food, Omega Sea fish food, and more offer a often a solution for tricky fishes. Some aquarist wants to produce their fish food by themselves. but this is often a unprofitable affair. Sun is a industrially manufactured fish food cheap, durable, and the large number of different kinds of feed well tailored to the needs of fish.

Hints for fish food:

Feed your tropical fish several times a day small amounts of food, instead of once to pour a large amount of food into the water. The fish food should be eaten completely after 2-3 minutes. Uneaten feed pollute the water unnecessarily.