Quality pressure reducer with 2 manometers and needle dosing valve. The two pressure gauges indicate the working pressure and cylinder pressure. With the integrated metering valve you can regulate the amount of CO2 exactly.
39,98 € *
Pressure regulator for precise control of CO2 dosing into the aquarium
93,28 € *
With cylinder pressure manometer 0-250 bar and bubble number scale. Suitable for Dennerle disposable CO2 bottles.
107,39 € *
Aquaristic pressure reducer with integrated solenoid valve for night shutdown.
165,18 € *
Pressure regulator with bottle pressure display and needle valve to use with CO2-bottles. (thread: W21,8 x 1/14).
65,99 € *
Precision pressure reducer for external valve
95,38 € *
CO2 precision pressure reducer Carbo Start for Dennerle CO2 disposable bottles with connection thread M10 x 1.25
66,08 € *