Due to its particularly porous form, Siporax not only works in the aerobic area but also in the anaerobic area. Thus, nitrate is also degraded. Since it is made of sintered glass, no substances are released to the aquarium water. 15 mm in size.
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Clay tubes are mostly used as pre-filter material. They hold back coarse dirt and can be washed out again at any time.
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Cirax is a biological filter medium which creates the perfect colonisation conditions for useful bacteria, due to its large, highly porous surface.
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ZEOvit besteht aus einem 4fachen Naturzeolithgemisch, es handelt sich dabei um absolut unbehandelte, naturreine Zeolithe von höchster Qualität.
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MATRIX™ ist ein stark poröses Biomedium für effiziente Biofiltration zur Beseitigung von stickstoffhaltigen Abfallstoffen.
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Dennerle Nano Bio FilterGranulat ist ein leistungsstarkes, biologisches Langzeit Filtermaterial. Für die Anwendung in Dennerle Nano Filtermodul und Dennerle Nano FilterExtension.
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The bio-filter balls mechanically remove large particles from the water. They provide a large surface area for highly active biological filtration.
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Hollow Ceramic Filter Rings with a large internal surface area physically remove large particles from the water. Ceramic Rings distribute water flow in a number of directions, ensuring that water passes evenly through the filter.
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sera siporax mini Professional was developed especially for smaller aquariums up to a volume of approximately 100 liters. It allows maximum increase of the settling surface for purification bacteria but has a compact shape at the same time.
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Natural product with a highly porous surface, providing optimal conditions to obtain a high colonization of bacteria, essential to the balance of your aquarium and well-being of fish and plants. Recommended replacement every 4-6 months.
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