Easy Life Fluid Filter Medium is the most versatile water treatment product on the market. It can be used to make water crystal clear.
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For a long life of the fish. Creates excellent living conditions for pond dwellers. Increases the carbonate hardness in water and prevents pH fluctuations. Improves water quality. Helps against heavy metal pollution. and ammonia poisoning
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Söll BioBooster contains very special types of bacteria which work extremely efficiently and quickly to restore the natural balance in your pond.
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Ideal für die Erstbefüllung von neuen Gartenteichen. Bereitet Leitungs-, Regen- und Brunnenwasser in artgerechtes Teichwasser auf. Entfernt schädliche Stoffe und Verbindungen aus dem Wasser.
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For lively, colourful fish and thriving plants. Tetra Pond FishVital adds essential vitamins and trace elements to the pond water.
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Water conditioner for Koi friendly water rich in minerals
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sera pond toxivec is the effective, safe pollutant remover with immediate effect. Quick reaction is required if sudden and massive pollution peaks by toxic substances occur due to de-stabilizing factors.
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The top-class liquid filter medium. Liquid biofilter medium. Contains purification bacteria. For crystal clear water.
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