CO2-Langzeittest Correct Nachfüllpackung. Mit Sechsfarb-Vergleichsskala. Reicht für 5 Monate. Inhalt: 5 Ampullen à 1,3 ml.
7,98 € *
Nitrate (NO3) is an indicator for severe organic pollution. Sufficient for approx. 60 measurements.
8,98 € *
Makes it easy to monitor the carbonate hardness in fresh and salt water. For approx. 390°dKH.
5,68 € *
Makes it easy to monitor the pH value in fresh and marine water and ponds. For approx. 100 measurements.
5,68 € *
Iron (Fe) is an important component of plant nutrition. In case the plants have fading leaves this may be due to lacking iron.
9,38 € *
Makes it easy to monitor the ammonium/ammonia level in fresh and marine water
9,67 € *
Nitrite (NO2) is among the most toxic substances for fish in aquariums. It can enrich in the water in case of insufficient biological filtration. Sufficient for approx. 75 measurements.
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Für genaue Messungen des Nitrat- Gehaltes in Süß- und Meerwasser. Hohe Reichweite und Langzeitstabilität.
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For approx. 420°dGH.
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