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The Dennerle Nano corner filter fits well in the corner of a nano aquarium, and is available in two sizes. The filters are safe for shrimp and crayfish and have a large filter surface. The filters are still quiet and powerful.
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Air operated sponge filter. These filters are ideal for rearing larvae and juvenile fish that otherwise would disappear in normal filters due to their small size and swimming behavior. For aquaria from 60 l up to 300 l.
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Air powered aquarium internal filter with high quality foam cartridge. Easy to handle, easy to clean. Mechanical and bioactive filtering.
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The JUWEL Bioflow Internal filter system, which has undergone several tests by independent institutions, has long been one of the world leaders in filter systems for modern aquariums and has proved its worth a million times over.
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Der Juwel Bioflow One ist der günstigste Innenfilter für Einsteigeraquarien bis ca. 80 l Volumen.
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The JUWEL Bioflow Super is the perfect internal filter for entry-level aquariums of up to 150 litres in volume.
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Friscer Bio Patronen eignen sich hervorragend zum DIY von Patronenfiltern, HMF - Filtern, als Ansaugschutz, Vorfilter, uvm. Die Bohrung in der Mitte des Filterschaums ist durchgehend und hat einen Durchm. von 32 mm. Die Grundform beträgt 95x95 mm.
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Der Aquarium Innenfilter incl. Heizerfach sorgt für gesundes und kristallklares Wasser. Die EasyCrystal FilterBox ist ein Komplett-Set für die perfekte Filterung des Aquariumwassers. Einfache Pflege, platzsparend und kompakt.
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internal Filter for freshwater aquaria.
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Internal filters with fine mesh sponges. The adjustable F range internal filters are based on the P range submersible pumps – their performance can be adjusted as well.
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