SUPER SPIRULINA FORTE vegetable flakes with high content of spirulina (36%). Vegetable food in the form of flakes with high (36%) content of spirulina.
from 6,24 € *
Specially adapted to the needs of discus fish main feed granules. Slowly sinking for species-appropriate feed intake.
from 18,98 € *
MALAWI multi-ingredient flakes for Malawi cichlids of the mbuna group.
from 4,77 € *
D-50 PLUS colour-enhancing flakes for discus.
from 4,92 € *
TROPICAL DISCUS GRAN D-50 PLUS colour-enhancing sinking granules for discus.
from 6,09 € *
sera Discus Granules Nature is the staple food without dyes and preservatives consisting of gently manufactured soft granules for all discus fish (including fry) and other demanding ornamental fish.
from 3,94 € *
Premiums granules for sophisticated fish like discus and cichlids. Therfore also a premium food for all other tropical fishes. Grainess 1,0-1,6 mm. Slowly sinking. With added vitamins, minerals and amino acids for good health of all fish.
from 6,28 € *
Staple food for all cichlids and other large ornamental fish - with the patented BioActive® formula.
from 15,28 € *
Schwimmende Futtersticks als Alleinfuttermittel für mittlere und größere Cichliden. Die Sticks enthalten einen ausgewogenen Anteil an Nährstoffen und Rohfasern, um eine optimale Verdaulichkeit und Verwertung der Nahrung zu gewährleisten.
from 15,98 € *
CICHLID COLOR colour-enhancing flakes for cichlids.
from 4,56 € *