Specially adapted to the needs of discus fish main feed granules. Slowly sinking for species-appropriate feed intake.
from 19,98 € *
MALAWI multi-ingredient flakes for Malawi cichlids of the mbuna group.
from 55,18 € *
D-50 PLUS colour-enhancing flakes for discus.
from 9,08 € *
sera Discus Granules Nature is the staple food without dyes and preservatives consisting of gently manufactured soft granules for all discus fish (including fry) and other demanding ornamental fish.
from 19,19 € *
CICHLID COLOR colour-enhancing flakes for cichlids.
from 34,18 € *
D-ALLIO PLUS ist ein Flocken-Alleinfutter für Diskus und andere Cichliden sowie für andere Fische mit hohen Ernährungsansprüchen.
from 56,08 € *
CICHLID RED & GREEN MEDIUM STICKS multi-ingredient food for medium cichlids.
from 13,58 € *
The nutritious pellets were specially developed for discus fish. Biologically balanced it supplies the king of the aquarium with all the essential nutrients, vitamins, minerals, trace elements and omega-3 fatty acid, which it daily needs.
from 12,88 € *
sera Granured Nature is the staple food consisting of gently manufactured granules without dyes and preservatives for mainly carnivorous, smaller cichlids and omnivores.
from 10,90 € *
TROPICAL DISCUS GRAN WILD is a multi-ingredient food in the form of slowly sinking granules with the addition of algae, krill and fruit
from 62,18 € *