For biologically balanced nutrition especially for Nano-fish (up to 3 cm). Water-stable, does not turn the water cloudy.
9,68 € *
Did you know that 1 in 3 aquarium fish sold in Germany is a live-bearing fish? This food was developed especially for the popular guppies, platies and mollies, in line with their natural diet.
9,18 € *
BETTA GRANULAT granules for fighting-fish.
5,98 € *
This is basic food for gourami, fighting fish and betta, which consume more animal than plant-based substances in their natural environments.
9,18 € *
Basisfutter für Guppies.
7,88 € *
Fine grained main food in granulate form for all ornamental fish.
8,49 € *
SUPER SPIRULINA FORTE GRANULAT vegetable, sinking granules with high content of spirulina (36%).
88,08 € *
SUPER SPIRULINA FORTE vegetable flakes with high content of spirulina (36%). Vegetable food in the form of flakes with high (36%) content of spirulina.
10,58 € *
Ornamental fish staple food for a long and healthy fish life. With new formula for guaranteed clearer water
12,28 € *
Granulatfutter für Bodenfresser
14,38 € *