The temperature controller T controller twin is used for controlling both heating systems & cooling units. Measuring and switching accuracy is 0.1°C. The control range varies from 16 – 40°C, and the set value is in 0.1 °C increments.
83,50 € 68,97 € *
Whenever a certain temperature should be reached and maintained the Schego thermostat TR2 is applied. It can be loaded up to 2000 W and because of its simple handling is ideal both for the hobby aquarium owner and for the professional user.
103,88 € *
The Thermo Control II is a digital thermostat with a temperature range of 0-50 ° C. Due to the constant temperature display, it also acts as a thermometer.
64,99 € 50,22 € *
The Thermo Control PRO II is a further development of the Thermo Control II. Real time clock and two temperature ranges are the main differences.
84,99 € 60,86 € *
Messen und Regeln von Temperatur im Aquarium erledigt das Tunze Temperatur Controller Set °C 7028/3. Es kann zum Steuern von Heizern und Kühlgeräten verwendet werden, da die Schaltrichtung eingestellt werden kann.
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Mikroprozessorgesteuertes Temperatur Mess- und Regelgerät
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