The STR colour background is a highly realistic image of tree barks. With its black colour tones, it provides the perfect contrast to your plants and fishes. JUWEL STR colour backgrounds are a low-cost stepping stone into 3-D colour backgrounds.
25,38 € *

The Stone Clay filter cover is a highly realistic imitation of a rock structure in natural, clay-coloured tones, which works perfectly with the Stone Clay colour background. The very low installation depth of just 1-1.5 cm disguises your filter perfect

29,18 € *
With its two pale blue underwater images, one on either side, Poster 2 gives you two attractive themes so that you can design your aquarium as you wish.
9,17 € *
Auf Maß geschnittene, gebrauchsfertige Fotorückwand. Hochglanzrückwand mit 2 Bildmotivseiten.
10,78 € *
Poster 4 Rock & AquaScape impressively highlights the individual décor of your aquarium.
9,17 € *