Friscer Bonsai Driftwoods are hand-picked roots for your aquarium. These are collected from rivers in the rainforest. These roots have no cutting edges and are already aged. Thereby giving these roots no significant substances more to the aquarium water.
from 5,98 € *
Beautifully grown, ideal for the natural design of aquariums and terrariums. Pure, sandblasted natural product (without artificial chemicals - can also be nibbled on).
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Ideale Dekoration und ein toller Blickfang in jedem Aquarium.
from 9,39 € *
Pflegeleicht, keine Beeinträchtigung der Wasserqualität. Optimal zur natürlichen Gestaltung von Aquarien und Terrarien. Sehr langlebiger Dekorationsartikel und sieht in jedem Aquarium und Terrarium toll aus.
from 9,97 € *
Toller Blickfang in jedem Aquarium. Ideale Dekoration.
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