HOBBY Artemix, that is the already ready, ideal mixture of Artemia eggs and Artemia salt. Preparing the Artemia solution is easy and simple.
5,49 € *
Liquid starter feed for larvae, for feeding as of 3 days old and also for invertebrates.
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A special salt for breeding brine shrimp. This salt is enriched with trace elements and phytoplankton which are present in the sea. Dosage: 32 g per litre of water.
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Many species of salt and freshwater zooplankton can be cultivated in the plankton reactor. The zooplankton is fed with micro-algae from the plankton light reactor.
88,68 € *
The plankton light reactor is a simple system for producing plankton in a natural food chain. Within the plankton light reactor, micro-algae are produced with light, fertiliser and CO2.
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