90%+ Schlupfrate. USA Ware vom Great Salt Lake. Durch die Vakuum-Abfüllung der Dose bleibt die Ware über Jahre hinweg in einer einwandfreien Qualität.
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Simplest method of hatching brine shrimp eggs. Only the eggs and salt are required. It is not even necessary here to connect an aerator. Enables simple removal of larvae for feeding to your young fish. Now with enclosed feeding dropper!
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HOBBY Artemix, that is the already ready, ideal mixture of Artemia eggs and Artemia salt. Preparing the Artemia solution is easy and simple.
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Liquid starter feed for larvae, for feeding as of 3 days old and also for invertebrates.
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Brine shrimp (artemia) is ideal feed for your young fish. No other feed is as rich in natural nutrients. Promotes the development of colouration and awakens the natural hunting instincts.
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A special salt for breeding brine shrimp. This salt is enriched with trace elements and phytoplankton which are present in the sea. Dosage: 32 g per litre of water.
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Cultivation kit for Artemia nauplii
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