Material structured to function as a pre-filter, retaining the existing waste water. Recommended replacement every 2 weeks.
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Natural product with a highly porous surface, providing optimal conditions to obtain a high colonization of bacteria, essential to the balance of your...
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Aquatlantis Easy LED Control 2 Plus for controlling from Aquatlantis Easy LED light bars. It has two separately controllable channels, each channel has two...
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Aquatlantis Easy LED Control 1 is a dimmable switch for all Aquatlantis lightbar and Aquatlantis Nano LED lights. With sunrise and sunset effect.
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Highly effective as a pre-filter, retaining the smaller polluting particles of the water of your aquarium. Weekly recommended replacement.
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Splitter cable is needed to connect the light units to the controller.
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The Aquatlantis EasyBox eliminates micro algae and medicine residues that make the water turbid and coloured, providing clear water without changing the pH....
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Material specially structured to promote an intense biological decomposition of pollutants which are harmful to your tank, ensuring water purification....
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