Flexible air pump hose with 4/6 mm diameter (inside/outside)
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Powdered fry food with zooplankton (18% krill) and phytoplankton (51% spirulina). For the healthy nutrition of fish and amphibian fry as well as Artemia nauplii in fresh and marine water.
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The sera pH measuring electrode with BNC plug and 1.5 m (1.65 yd.) cable is suitable for all common pH meters equipped with a BNC contact, such as the sera pH meter or the seramic pH Controller.
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sera FD Daphnia is the natural delicacy consisting of 100% water fleas for all bigger fish.
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Test solution for electronic pH meters
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sera FD Mixpur is particularly well suited as a treat for community aquariums. The blend of the food organisms Daphnia, Tubifex, bloodworms and Krill, which are also very popular among fish in nature, provides something for every taste and every size.
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Rearing food for a good start. sera Raffy Baby-Gran is the rearing food consisting of a carefully manufactured granules for young carnivorous reptiles such as small terrapins.
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Vitamins for lively reptiles. sera Reptilin is the supplementary food consisting of a carefully manufactured, emulsified multivitamin concentrate for reptiles.
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The plus in minerals and vitamins for carnivores. sera Reptimineral C is the supplementary food consisting of a concentrated mineral and vitamin blend for all carnivorous reptiles.
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Fish well cared for – Unburdened holidays. sera Holiday is the holiday food consisting of carefully manufactured food tablets which is readily accepted by most ornamental fish.
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