Whole main food for all medium to large marine fish.
7,28 € *
Compact food sticks provide your ornamental fish on weekends or on vacation up to 6 days.
4,25 € *
Especially for Betta splendens (fighting fish) and other labyrinth fish developed high quality staple food.
3,75 € *
Nutritionally balanced premium food for young water turtles.
2,31 € *
High-quality color granule food for full color development of all ornamental fish.
6,89 € *
Complete food for the daily feeding of smaller pond fish measuring up to 15 cm. The floating mini pellets soften quickly, making them easy to eat.
from 6,65 € *
Tetra Bactozym speeds up biological activity in the aquarium. Organic colloids naturally cover filter material and all surfaces with an invisible film to promote the colonisation of beneficial filter bacteria.
8,88 € *
The TetraPro Menu premium food consists of four different crisps that provide a variety of feeding. Premium food for all tropical ornamental fish.
7,48 € *
Die Wasserqualität ist für Fische sowie Pflanzen lebenswichtig. Hiermit testen Sie in sekundenschnelle und ganz einfach die Qualität Ihres Aquarienwassers.
11,38 € *
Tasty treats comprising natural shrimps and gammarus for all pond fish. This carefully prepared natural food is rich in natural minerals, proteins and fibres.
11,48 € *