Tetra Marine XL Flakes is a perfectly balanced and wholesome staple food for large marine fish.
10,38 € *
Whole main food for all medium to large marine fish.
6,88 € *
TetraMin Baby is rich in proteins and staple food for ornamental fish spawns up to 1 cm in length. With new formula for guaranteed clear water.
2,55 € *
Growth food especially for juvenile young fish from 1 cm in length. Rich in proteins.
2,68 € *
Staple food in granule form for small ornamental fish.
2,58 € *
Compact food sticks provide your ornamental fish on weekends or on vacation up to 6 days.
3,78 € *
Especially for Betta splendens (fighting fish) and other labyrinth fish developed high quality staple food.
3,18 € *
Balanced staple food for all discus fish to strengthen. Excellent ingredients, natural foods and much more will keep your fish healthy.
6,18 € *
Nutritionally balanced premium food for young water turtles.
1,68 € *
High-quality color granule food for full color development of all ornamental fish.
5,98 € *