Härtefreier Kies, der den pH Wert nicht ändert. Der Kies ist abgerundet und somit ungefährlich für bodenbewohnende Fische. Die Körnung beträgt 0,7 - 1,2 mm.
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Mit 1-2 mm Körnung ist der Tropica Aquarium Soil Powder feiner als der normal Tropica Aquarium Soil und besonders gut für feinwurzlige Vordergrundpflanzen wie Hemianthus oder Micrantheum geeignet. Es wird kein weiterer Nährboden benötigt.
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Aktiver Bodengrund, speziell für Aquarien entwickelt. Schafft leicht saures, weiches Wasser, die meisten Tiere und Pflanzen aus tropischen Bereichen lieben es. Besonders geeignet für Pflanzen-Aquarien, insbesondere Aquascaping und Garnelen-Aquarien.
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Nutrient-rich substrate with long-term fertilisation. Activates strong and healthy plant growth.
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Nano DeponitMix has been developed specifically for the sensitive situation regarding nutrients in mini-aquaria. It forms the bottom bed layer, of approx. 2 cm in height.
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ShrimpKing Active Soil consists of up to 100% natural raw materials. Produced from a variety of carefully selected natural soils, it provides essential minerals and trace elements, which promote the health and growth of shrimps.
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100% pure natural gravel. Jet black fine or coarse shale gravel, made from natural slate.
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100% pure natural gravel. Snow-white, super-fine, natural quartz sand.
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Anthracite colored natural gravel (Ø 1 - 3 mm) for all freshwater and marine aquariums
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Bali Sand is a very pure limestone that consists of about 98% of calcium carbonate, as well as some zeolite-like minerals. Because of its texture and its very white appearance, it is ideal for saltwater aquaria.
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