Nutrient-rich substrate with long-term fertilisation. Activates strong and healthy plant growth.
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Nano DeponitMix has been developed specifically for the sensitive situation regarding nutrients in mini-aquaria. It forms the bottom bed layer, of approx. 2 cm in height.
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Dennerle Professional 10in1, das bedeutet:

  1. Für sattgrüne Blätter sorgt konzentriertes Nähreisen in Depotform
  2. Hochwertige Quarzsande schaffen ein optimales Bodenklima
  3. Ausgewählte Tonmineralien, insbesondere hochwer
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Zur optimalen Neueinrichtung, das perfekte Starter-Set. Turbodünger.
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The nutrion ground from aquarium plant research ensures safe growth and strong root formation. With highly porous special granules for active biofilter function. Without phosphates and nitrates, root active. Dennerle Deponit Mix Professional 60
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