Potassium: at least as important as iron in a planted aquarium! Potassium is a macronutrient and at least as important as iron for a good and healthy plant growth in a fresh water aquarium.
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Easy-Life Nitro and Easy-Life Fosfo are used to compensate for a deficiency of nitrogen (N) and phosphorus (P), respectively.
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Magnesium is essential for the growth of healthy, attractive corals.
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Strontium is an important element for the growth of corals. The optimum strontium concentration in a marine aquarium is 8 - 12 mg per litre (ppm). Easy-Life Strontium is a concentrated product which is ideal to use to compensate for a deficiency.
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Easy Life Ferro, a Extra iron when needed. It contains easily absorbable iron for water plants. Iron is essential for the good development of plant leaves. Iron ensures that the leaves are green thanks to the creation of chlorophyll.
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AquaMaker is a powerful, fast working water conditioner.
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EasyCarbo Bio is a liquid carbon source for aquarium plants on a natural basis.
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The very sensitive and accurate Easy-Life Phosphate testkit is suitable for fresh water and marine aquariums.
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Bio-Exit Blue strongly stimulates the growth of heterotrophic soil bacteria. In this way the microbiological balance in the soil can be completely restored.
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