For pricing and VAT

Do your prices in the store include VAT? 
Yes, the prices in the shop include VAT at 19% and the reduced rate of 7% for certain products such as books, aquatic plants and certain foods.

I come from an EU country. Do I pay VAT?
Yes, insofar as you have not a valid VAT ID you must pay the tax. The standard prices so there are in the shop.

I come from an EU country and have a valid VAT ID number. Do I pay VAT?
No, when you create an account and enter your VAT tax ID number, VAT will be automatically deducted in the shop. VAT free prices displayed and calculated.

I come from a non-EU country such as Switzerland, Norway, Turkey, USA, ( also Canary Islands) etc. . Do I pay VAT?
No, if you come from one of these countries and the VAT will deducted from the shop prices. Create an free account and log in, thenthe storefront show VAT free prices automatically.

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